Marokkanische Leinen SEO

This Moroccan tablecloth fabric has an ornamental design and is perfect for everyday use and any other occasion at home, whether it’s a big dinner party, a birthday get-together for your little one or a long overdue romantic candlelight dinner. It’s a blend of 35% cotton and 65% polyester, easy to care for and available in six different beautiful colours. Whether you are looking for napkins, or a square, rectangular, round, oval or cassinian table cloth, a standard size cloth or a custom made one, you will love the wonderful Moroccan Linen fabric. It is available in different colours and in any size you want. It is a cotton and polyester mix with a width of 160 cm, washable at 40 degrees celsius and can be ironed on a low setting. It will be the perfect new addition to any table, whether it is your own, a table at an event like a wedding or a birthday party or at a friend’s house as it makes a great gift as well! Treat yourself to a brand-new tablecloth or give away a custom made cloth as a personalised gift. Don’t forget to include the drop in your measurements. Standard overhangs are about 20-30 cm long. If you would like a 20 cm drop, simply add 40 cm to the width and 40 cm to the length (or to the diameter if it is a round table), 60 cm for a 30 cm drop, 80 cm for a 40 cm drop etc. You can find more information on how to measure your table correctly and on different edge finishings (overlock, hem and binding) on our website.

Please note that if you order a tablecloth wider than 160cm we will apply discrete joins.

  • 35% Baumwolle / 65% Polyester
  • Breite: 160cm
  • Waschbar bei 40 ° C.
  • Wenig Eisen