When ordering a tablecloth you might come across a few terms that you probably might not understant.

When we ask you to choose the finishing you’ll have two choices:

  • Hem: where the edge of a piece of cloth is folded narrowly and sewn over itself to prevent the unravelling of the fabric.
  • Overlock: is a kind of stitch that sews over the edge of the tablecloth.

We have two diferent types of binding:

The drop is an essential part to the tablecloth, it’s the piece of cloth that hangs over the tablecloth. When you calculate your tablecloth it’s very important that you add the drop you want and make sure you follow these basic guidelines:


  • You add it to both sides. Many people make this mistake. If you want a 20cm drop you’ll have to multiply it by two so that both sides of the table get it, if not it would effectively be a 10cm drop.
  • You add it to both width and length.

We must diferentiate between a cassinian and an oval tablecloth, an oval one is completely rounded, while a cassinian tablecloth will have a rectangular middle bit.

With a cassinian tablecloth it’s vital that you give us the correct middle length, as this will give us an indication of the table’s dimension.

The blue arrow denotes what the middle length is:

When you order a tablecloth that requires a discreet joint (ie when the tablecloth’s width is greater then that of the fabric) it’ll look something like this:

Table shape and edge finishings: What are my options?


Heavy duty finishing
Heavy duty finishing
Table Protector Finishing
Table Protector Finishing